Travelling With Kids: 5 Great Destinations


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Travelling With Kids: 5 Great Destinations

When you’re travelling alone or with fellow adults, you know what to expect. You’ve all agreed on a destination beforehand, so everyone on the trip is happy with where you’re going. It’s different with kids. Often the holiday is chosen and the kids are brought along for the ride, not understanding why you would go anywhere apart from Disneyland. If you want to keep your little ones happy and entertained rather than bored and mischievous, then think about going to one of these top destinations.


Beautiful nature, serene, peaceful and awe-inspiring surroundings make Austria a must-see country for any keen traveller. It’s also great for the kids, as they can get rid of some energy and get closer to nature at the same time. A trek up the hillsides with views of the Alps is fun for the whole family, and the major cities of Salzburg and Vienna are very child friendly. This is a year-round destination too, with no better place than Austria to enjoy their first ski trip.

South Korea

Perhaps a surprising choice, but believe me when I say South Korea ticks pretty much all the boxes when you’re travelling with kids. It’s not overrun with other tourists, it’s safe, and they’ll have fun running around the palaces letting their imagination run wild. It’s always good to introduce your kids to different things and a trip to South Korea is definitely something different.


An abundance of nature is always something to look out for when planning a holiday with kids. It lets them explore, discover new things and most importantly, want to go to bed early! Iceland is an outdoor paradise with a peaceful environment for kids.

Flights are getting cheaper now with the likes of Iceland Air trying to turn the country in to a prime layover destination for Transatlantic flights. There's a great post on Stuck in Iceland on what you families can get up to.


It’s probably one of the first destinations that comes to mind when you think about taking a trip with the kids and understandably so. The home of Santa Claus has been visited by families for years, as for once dad doesn’t have to play dress up, and maybe makes his very own list! Forget the cold weather, the look of enjoy on your little one’s face when they’re face to face with St Nick is enough to make it all worth it.


Now we’re definitely not suggesting a full moon party with the kids, but Thailand has much more to offer than just cheap booze for Brits abroad. A tuk-tuk ride will amuse them, as will ride through the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and there’s plenty of little toys and games to be found in the street stalls.

If you’re struggling to choose the right destination because the cost is too dear, then look for ways to travel cheaper with the kids. One fantastic service is Mark Warner’s resort in Phokaia Beach Resort in Turkey. With childcare all day, including the evening and superb activities including water sports and tennis, the resort is perfect for families.